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Bruno Silvestre

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Bruno Silvestre has been a trusted name in the television news business for 28 years before becoming a communications eminence grise. He worked in foreign bureaus of the three leading network news channels before starting a new career as media counsel and strategic advisor for national organizations and international financial institutions.

After graduating from Columbia University, Bruno went back to France and joined ABC News where he became Pierre Salinger’s right-hand man. The Paris bureau was then one of the network busiest and Bruno spent more than two decades help run the office while covering world news with Pierre and other networks correspondents. As a producer and senior producer, he spent countless weeks reporting on the disappearance of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe, on wars and upheavals in the Middle East, on sieges and agitation in the Balkans and on coups, catastrophes and health emergencies in Africa.

Bruno ended his career at ABC News as Paris Bureau chief before joining CBS first, and then NBC. His network news experience together with reporting trips in more than 90 countries worldwide gave him an unparalleled knowledge of the world political landscape as well as a substantial list of contacts.

In 2008, Bruno decided to leverage on these assets and chose to leave journalism behind. He became a member of the private staff of the French Economy and Finance Minister Christine Lagarde at the height of the financial crisis. For more than 3 years, he was the key interlocutor between the minister and the Paris-based foreign press. He also accompanied her as press advisor on foreign trips, international seminars, G7 or G20 conferences and bilateral visits which gave him a unique perspective on the inner working of domestic and international institutions.

After having been a key part of the team who ran her election campaign, Bruno followed Christine Lagarde to Washington when she was appointed Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and continued to advise on communications issues, her media outreach and strategic vision.

He is now capitalizing on these years of experience and distinctive qualifications by working with domestic or international authorities as well as private companies to help them elaborate a targeted communications strategy and/or a proper media response in times of crisis. He lives between Paris, Washington and southern Maryland. 

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