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Leo Amsellem

Georgetown Advisory LLC

Leo Amsellem is a junior consultant at Georgetown Advisory LLC, focusing on sovereign advisory, geopolitical and risk analysis, with an emphasis on policy and political economy aspects. As an intern, he worked for the French Prime Minister’s services, US Senate (Committee on Appropriations and Committee on Foreign Relations), French Court of Auditors and French Ministry of Finance. He also served in the office of the French Minister in charge of the pension system reform. In August 2021, his book on the use of new technologies and algorithmic prediction by public security services got published by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). 

Leo holds two Bachelor’s degrees, from Sciences Po (social sciences with economics) and the Sorbonne University (philosophy). He holds three Master’s degrees, from Sciences Po (public policy), the London School of Economics (political economy of Europe) and the École Normale Supérieure (public affairs). He is proficient in French, English and Spanish.

About Us

Georgetown Advisory LLC is a boutique advisory firm, specializing in sovereign advisory; geopolitical and risk analysis; trade policy and regulatory practices; as well as crisis management and communications.


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