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Luca Bandello

Georgetown Advisory LLC

Luca Bandello is an advisor in geopolitical analysis. From 2019 to 2020, Luca worked as Consultant for Business Development for Rosa & Roubini Associate, in London. Luca conducted analysis concerning macro-economic developments in Spain, where he focused on the market and economic implications of the Spanish elections of November 2019. In addition, he researched the positions and policies of the Central Banks of Canada, England, Japan, and Switzerland during the global COVID-19 Pandemic, focusing on the financial markets impacts.

Previously, Luca interned at Verisk Maplecroft, as research analyst and at Lattanzio Knowledge-Intensive Business Services & Advisory Spa in Milan and Astana. As well, while based in Astana, he engaged on a project on the opportunity of integrating digital platforms in the educational sector of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Luca graduated from University College of London (BSc “Social Sciences with Quantitative Methods”), and is currently completing a Master’s in Sociology with a quantitative approach at the University of Oxford. During his studies he attended summer courses at Harvard University on Economics of Innovation, the Warwick Economic Summit (2019) and the Oxford International Model United Nations, UNHCR- United Nations High Commission for Refugees (2017).

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Georgetown Advisory LLC is a boutique advisory firm, specializing in sovereign advisory; geopolitical and risk analysis; trade policy and regulatory practices; as well as crisis management and communications.


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